Let Us Use the Challenge Swap to Change the Ultimate Challenge

I dont want to play more fiesta, I hate fiesta. Why does the Ult challenge make me play feista. -Yoink!- fiesta.

…well sucks to suck. imo challenge swaps shouldn’t even be a thing

bro it sucks its spawn in with a plasma pistol four times in a row

yeah, that’s a issues with infinite’s sandbox being trash. either a week and terrible weapon or a OP weapon. no inbetween grey area

Vehement disagree. Handcrafted challenges should be the standard. That’s how we get an unlock system like Halo 3.

The problem is that we HAVE to do all the other challenges to attempt the challenge and we only have one week to do all of it. I say the ultimate challenge should just be unlocked for everyone to attempt at week’s end. -Yoink!- FOMO