Let us see medals after the game

Like wtf? Why not? And why was this removed?
343 please let us see our medals after the game, I said please :slight_smile:
You guys agree? What else should they add?

I completely agree!! Now someone correct me if I’m wrong… But I swear in the past couple updates they said they inplimented it in the game but me and my friends could never find it? I swear it was in the update notes but I guess not.

I can’t see why medals aren’t shown post game or on a a TAB by commendations or the ability to mute individual mics. Yeah I’m talking to you little Johnny that is playing while your mom is yelling at you to clean your room.

Yes please.

And a table of who killed who… that was always fun to mull over in between games.

And the list of weapons used.


You do have the ability to view those on waypoint as I’m sure most are aware of but we don’t have time between matches to jump on and browse through here to see our medals. It is not just medals though, a more in depth post match report would be nice. The medals. who killed who most and was killed by most. Who was mvp. What was you top weapon (I would imagine it will say BR for almost everyone). The top medal earned and by whom.
As for a prematch screen a vote/veto system. See other player and their SR. And the ability to leave the lobby all the way until the point the match actually starts(somethings can come up unexpectedly and if you quit the match because you can’t back out you run a risk of being banned).

oh isn’t thata pain when you have to quit and know that 1-8 hours are lost because you couldn’t back out after the intermission

I don’t believe it’s too serious , but yeah they should implement the option to view medals after a match. I have no clue why they removed it.

probably the same reason that they took away split screen

> 2533274826090763;8:
> probably the same reason that they took away split screen

To help 60fps? How would a UI effect that?

100% agree.


Agree more stat breakdown post match

I would love to see the old state page from halo 2 and 3. The online breakdown of each halo 2 game was amazing. Were Who killed who from were. Map traffic. So much detail and now… I got so may kills with the br. Awesome.

> 2533274907200114;9:
> > 2533274826090763;8:
> > probably the same reason that they took away split screen
> To help 60fps? How would a UI effect that?

I was being sarcastic, lots of features halo players are used to are gone. I’m not saying 343 hasn’t done an awesome job on this game compared to TMCC or H4 but there are things missing. It’s like when you buy a car and realize AC isn’t included, even though AC was included in almost every model previous

Medal Chest? WANT.

yes they need to put this back when i get my high killing spree medels I want to see them

Post game medals please! Very curious why this wasn’t included to start, and the fact that it still isn’t in the game makes me wonder just how difficult a change this is.

Yaaaaassss. Medals need to make a comeback.

it just doesn’t make sense to track this information somewhere and then not display it - like why track it at all then?

well I for one find it a pain to find info on waypoint, when in game would be better