Let us help you get the Achilles armour!

My company just achieved our final kill commendation today and unlocked the Achilles helmet.

Congrats to We Need A6hilles!!Now, I’d like to use my play time to help other companies work towards unlocking the armour and/or helmet.

My only requirements:

I don’t, however, want to ‘help’ out a company that isn’t really going to unlock it anyway, which is why I will only be joining a company with 50+ members. I’m also not a fan of military companies, and I’ve already done my hard grinding, so if I join, don’t expect me to meet some weekly quota or anything.I play a lot of grifball, so if you need power weapon kills I can DEFINITELY help out with that.

This is going to be a first-come first-serve thing, so the first company that replies to this thread asking me to join, I shall. (If they’re okay with my requirements)

I’d also like to ask anyone else that has the Achilles set to put a reply here stating as much, and any requirements you have for what kind of company you’re willing to aid.

Does bumping work on this forum? I have no clue.