Let Us Disable Crossplay

Let us Disable Crossplay already. The feature exists in Ranked. I don’t care whether you think MKB or Controller is better in general gameplay but in modes like SWAT and Snipers, there is no doubt that the increased accuracy, precision and sensitivity of MKB has a significant advantage. Every MKB I come across in SWAT (I refuse to call it Team Tactical because there is little tactics in spamming Mangers) is significantly dominating the controller players. I don’t play MKB FPS games but in my 1 trial run I went 32 and 4. Whereas my controller average with BRs is 15/10 ( I’m being generous with my deaths). And for the record, I play on max sensitivity on Infinite as this game’s sensitivity is very sluggish compared to most other titles.


This should be a no brainer for folks who bought the game. The massive advantage for PC players is absurd.


here is a good remember thing.

use the search option and you will see a lot lot off threads that have been asking this.
and its been ask all since launch day to make it a option so each new thread about it is old news more

You do know you can use mouse and keyboard on Xbox too right? Disabling crossplay will achieve absolute nothing. Especially since the PC player population is incredibly low.


is it not so that a lot off people not wane chance there xbox gaming set up to chance it so that you can play it with keyboard and mouse?

and that the pc popultion is low has notting to do with crossplay at all its more a lack of content what the problem is in general.

the only thing we need is crosplay between input and platforms to have a turn off button when there fix the big problems in general is first like the lack of contant.

I agree. Xbox series players have annoying natural advantages that make playing on pc a handicap

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