Let us disable crossplay immediately

Dude…we’re two generations removed from the 360 and that console didn’t get modded until late in its life.

There is zero hacking on modern consoles.

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Like in the other 427595929 threads about this topic I’ll add my agreement here to.

Why is it possible to toggle platform and input based matchmaking in MCC but not Infinite???

So? Giving us the cross play toggle is not equal to disabling the cross play.

Well true. But sadly a new device called (name of the tool is edited out to avoid people from buying it) have been the only viable/widespread method of cheating in current generation of console.

(Hacking device) is a device you plug in the ps4/ps5 or xbox one/ series x and in a pc. Program on the pc that that does the cheating job and send the input to the console that makes you able to cheat on FPS games.

So new generation of console dont need a software to be able to cheat…now its a device that you plug in both a pc and a console :frowning:

Edit: had to remove the name of the hacking device to avoid people looking it up to buy it and use it on console

If you’re talking about the XIM, I don’t really consider that cheating. It’s not an aim bot or a wall hack. It just emulates a controller to mouse inputs and using it on Halo is probably way worse than just using a controller due to Halo’s turn acceleration speed cap. Turn speed is probably impossible using that thing.

No its nothing like that. This device will make you auto lock on target and do recoil control for you etc.

Hacking on console is significantly harder on console and pc and is more widespread on PC. You rarely hear cases of wide spread hacking, especially on newer gen and throughout my 20 years of console gaming, I’ve only ever ran into a DDOS attack

I know, but this is something new. that not even anti-cheat can detect this because it cant detect any moddified files, because the device is hidden as something like a controller so it cant get detected. and also its connected to both a pc and PS5/ Series X

There is no such thing as a modded controller with aimbot or any kind of device that you can plug in and aimbot. It just doesn’t exist.

An aimbot is a very complex piece of programming that, in effect, takes data from your game, and uses that data to lock on the heads of enemy targets. It is only possible on PC. What you’re describing is outright impossible on consoles.

There are modded controllers that essentially use turbos to take advantage of snap on aim assists by spamming the left trigger…but those don’t exist in most MP games, that’s really a SP thing only. The XIM and modded controllers can probably create scripts for no recoil, but that would be insane and you’d have to script for every gun. Definitely a BS advantage and definitely cheating, but coming across people like that would be extremely rare and they still have to, ya know, aim…

I’m not worried about those players who probably have zero game sense and will do nothing to help them. I’m worried about the PC hacker that has a wall hack and can literally see where everyone is on the map and then also have aimbot that snaps instantly to headshots.

Im not talking about a modded controller🤨
You are not reading what im typing
This is box that you plug in a pc and the console

Look up: This is how Warzone console hack works (xbox & playstation)


You know that dude is a scammer right? He sells jailbroken xbox 360’s and most of his clickbait videos talk about chronus and xim…which again are nothing like actual aimbot hacks.

He is not the only one that talks about it. Even famous ones like Jackfrags also talks about it.
True its not as extreme as Pc aimbot, but still it snaps on to the target…No matter what you gonna say about that, its still cheating.

yeah controller are good but movement and cqc are favored by pc.

It doesn’t snap to the target, it just mods inputs to work better with aim assist which could easily be fixed by reducing the strength of aim assist making the mod worthless.

if they are on controller why does it matter the platform…

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I haven’t yet read through the comments on this post but I assume someone is going to say “you don’t know what platform these players are on”.

The truth is that when you play on xbox you can go to recent players and click on the gamertag of the person you suspect of cheating (lets say a person with 100% precision), and it will tell you if it’s a PC player.