Let us disable crossplay immediately

There’s already hackers popping up on PC. Let us turn off crossplay. I play on console for the very reason because pc is always infested with cheaters in every shooter.


Agreed. Please let us option disable crossplay.


It’s really frustrating that we can’t disable crossplay given that the MCC allowed us to

we’re being forced into a cross-population because 343 either have little faith in Infinite or they simply forgot to add the option, there were plenty of feedback threads on the old Waypoint forums asking if we would get the option, but no response unless it actually launched.


You can, in ranked play switch it to Solo/Duo and switch to whatever output you play on. They literally give you the option. Lol

Only in ranked and solo/duo. In other modes forced crossplay.

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That is only an input selection

The game allows you to search via input not via platform

If you select controller, you will only get matched with controller players be they on PC or on Xbox

Currently you can not select to match consoles only

Ahh my mistake I apologize, I feel your pain tbh even though I play on Pc I can see how that may feel. At least this game is controller favored in terms of accuracy. 343 should allow that option though 100%.


Yeah there has sadly been hacker on Pc :frowning:
But its not like you never see a hacker on the console tho.
But i understand why people are very frustrated with this

ironicly Pc players complains about aim assist from console users :joy:

At this point it must be their priority, period

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The closest thing to cheating on consoles is the xim apex and packet editing to cause lag. There’s no software hacking on consoles.

Dude, there are hacking tools for console. Just google it if you dont believe me.:joy:

Do you know one word called proportion? You may meet one hacker in ten rounds of game on PC, but one hacker in thousand rounds on consoles.


There is zero software hacking on console. Neither the xbox one or the xbox series have been cracked and there is no homebrew OS to run on them.

The ps4 recently got a homebrew OS, but I’m not worried about that for halo and ps4 MP will be irrelevant soon as games become exclusive to the ps5 and stop having ps4 versions.


Yea this needs to be an option ASAP


Personally doesn’t bother me too much, you know, except when there’s cheaters afoot, but yeah, for those who genuinely just wanna play with console players or pc player respectively, an ability to turn off crossplay would be nice.


I think i have seen more hackers during my console years then my pc years :joy:
Not saying you are wrong, just saying.
I do see them more frequently on pc then console.
Just remember those days you could annoyed a hacker so much that he forced your account to go offline etc on Xbox.

Oh really? Not like there was hacker that forced your account to go offline on xbox. I have seen hacker using toggle on xbox

There hasn’t been a rampant issue of hacking on consoles since the ps2 with code breaker and other cheat loader disc’s. Ps3 didn’t get cracked until late in its life.

Hacking is not common and basically just doesn’t happen through most of a consoles life.

If you see cheating on console it’s people using exploits or hardware methods like modded controllers with turbos or the xim that emulates the controller to a KBM and you’ll never know if someone is using a xim and obviously lag switch which isn’t very common anymore because games just are not p2p anymore.


Toggling xbox off? That’s literally impossible lol. Only thing I can think of was the early days of xbox one and people trolling by having their gamer tag being xbox off which people would yell and would turn their xbox off. That stopped being a thing when that camera stopped being supported and that’s not a hack, just some dude trolling and tricking people to use voice commands

There are plenty of videos out there hacker forces his account to go offline because a player annoyed a hacker
This was a thing in Xbox 360 days… xbox one i didnt play much on…but still

The problem seems to be that crossplay for Infinite doesnt seem to be platform based but input, unless they change it to platform mods can still be used with a controller