Let us create custom REQ Card Decks for Warzone.

There are a lot of REQ items in this game that I do not use. Like, ever. 90% of the Loadout Weapons for starters; I don’t ever use the Hybrid or Morph sights, Knight Blades… any of the scopes on the Assault Rifle. My loadouts typically don’t go beyond the Assault Rifle, Magnum (+Gunfighter/Tactical Magnums) Halo 2 Battle Rifle, Projection SMG, and DMR. For Power Weapons and Vehicles I only have a little over a dozen favorites that I like to use.

It’d be nice if I could clear out the clutter and build a card deck of my favorite REQs. Maybe have loadout presets that are automatically equipped as I gain REQ levels, save me the trouble of accessing a terminal or going into the menu?

Did you get this idea from blitz?

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> Did you get this idea from blitz?

More or less.

Deck of Req cards? How about creating custom loadouts to use in WZ?

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> Deck of Req cards? How about creating custom loadouts to use in WZ?

Only way that would work is if they let us create loadout presets for each REQ Level. Like AR/Magnum at Level 1, AR/Gunfighter Magnum at Level 2, Battle Rifle/Tactical Magnum at Level 3, Halo 2 Battle Rifle/SMG at Level 4, and DMR/SMG at Level 6… you get the idea.

Preset loadouts for warzone has been a commonly asked feature since the first month. It is a pain to go through the various loadout weapons to find the one you use. Deck building doesn’t seem like the most applicable term to call it.

Or at least put the most used cards…
FIRST! When selecting loadouts.

Sounds cool. But if this has been a request since day one and yet havent seen anything, i dont think us going to happen.