Let us choose the data centre!

After Halo 4 and Halo MCC, Australian Halo players have been dropping like flies. The Australian Halo community has been butchered since Halo 3. I have absolutely no problems with the design decisions and the writing in 343i’s games, but I cant stand their decisions on networking and matchmaking.

Australians need to have their own server, they need to be able to select it, and they need to be able to SEE that they are on that server. I dont think any Aussie still trusts any background automatic network system, we need transparency. They claimed that Halo 4 had a localisation system in the background and they used that as justification for excluding Local Search. Many Australians gave up when most of their games had Mexican or Japanese hosts.

Dont even get me started on MCC. The game is practically unplayable in Australia at the moment. 30 minute wait times minimum only to be connected to an American lobby.

343i needs to think about the future. Little oversights like not allowing local search or data centre selection hurts the franchise by alienating its international community.

I know they claim to be using deticated servers for everything Halo 5. But:

  1. Its hard to trust their promises after all their past mishaps.
  2. No Australian server has been expressly confirmed by any 343i or Microsoft person.

Consider providing your international community with better transparency and networking options and your franchise will thrive.