Let us change the dimensions of blocks in Halo 4

I think we should be able to change the dimensions of a block in halo 4. The reason for this, is because not every block fits perfectly when building a map. You either need it a little bit bigger, or a little bit smaller. This is where this tool comes into play.

First you will select a block, 2X4 for example. Then there will be a button that says “Change Dimensions” Once you click it, it will give you an option of what you want to change. There will be-


You will be able to change the blocks to make it fit any block.
Now we could take this opportunity to add a few more perks into it, such as,

-How opaque you want the item to be. It will be a range from 1-10. 1 being clear, and 10 being non transparent

And also If you want to curve the block or not. There will be 2 options for this

-Curve it from right to left.
-Curve it up and down.

I think this would be a great tool in forge 3.0


How specific are you thinking? Like 2-3 or 2-2.1?

I was thinking 2-2.1

And what were you thinking for the design on the brick? like a repeated pattern or a choice of patterns or just a solid color?

Neither of those. I was actually thinking of a stretched out detail. (Like the bigger you make it, the bigger the design becomes. So overall there will be one big design)

The problem you encounter will be how much of the new surface size is glass, how much grey border, etc.? It is NOT merely changing the dimensions, unless some rules are put into place, such as the glass center must not change, but the surface around it simply stretches, and the border along the edge is unchanged. that might actually have some great application, but I doubt they will tackle a problem of this magnitude.

I think the best thing would be just the default building blocks have this ability and then having everything else (except maybe shield doors and windows) as a constant shape like they are now.

> I think the best thing would be just the default building blocks have this ability and then having everything else (except maybe shield doors and windows) as a constant shape like they are now.

Agreed. There should be simple blocks that are adjustable in different ways, and then the complex creations we have how that are pretty much take it or leave it.

Those are some very good suggestions! I think they should do it that way in Halo 4

What do you think of being able to adjust shield doors and glass panes?

Assume for a minute that there will be NO dynamic sizing of any palette objects.

What would be REALLY nice is if 343i gives us GLASS without ANY frames. We can add our own frames to match the decor of the structure we are using the glass material on. we can hide the size of the glass piece in the walls if we want smaller windows, and we can tile them if we want something bigger. GLASS objects of two or three sizes would be useful.

Then if they would look at some of the ways blocks are used today and study what the forgers were trying to achieve, they could figure out new block sizes that would make forging quite a bit more utility and easy. For example, EVERYONE seems to be using platform XXL upside down to make a nice floor. Why not a 5x5 floor (no rotation required), and on the other side a ceiling decor. You see where this is going…

And then there is the LARGE BRACE. People use it for a vertical slat of a wall. And people turn the Coliseum walls on their side for flooring. Sort of backwards on both. What we could use is an off white floor that is very large like 10x10, and a tall thin wall like 2x16xVeryThin with two reasonable textures for walls.

These are the kinds of changes, minor compared to what you are asking, that would make a HUGE difference for people.

And, finally, if there is any dynamic sizing of objects, it should be something simple, like a 2xHEIGHT wall with two different, but very simple wall textures on either side so that sizing the wall doesn’t introduce complexities into the surface appearance. Imagine if you could make a block from a 2x8 wall into 2x80, all the while just repeating the texture of the wall surface and maintaining the thickness. That would be HUGE helpful. People would use this to make very long bridges and walk ways as well.

And yes imagine if you could take a sheet of glass and simply size it without altering its thickness. If the glass has pattern, it would simply repeat. that might be doable and it would be very helpful. But not as helpful as the blocks I mentioned above. Those are repeat offenders I see everywhere these days.

With this ability, you would need a few basic shapes to form every building block in forge.

A square can form any block, rectangle, wall or floor

A circle can form columns and disks

A sphere is basically a sphere

A triangle can form any sized ramp

You could essentially have 4 shapes that would give you far more options than the existing forge world. Maybe have a solid version and a hollow version, IDK but a system like this would be amazing.

Ive wanted this for a while now, good idea.