Let us browse all of the content in the Store, including any and all "hidden armors"

Ever since the Beta started we’ve been seeing the bots using armor that is not yet available to the player.

The question is WHY is most of the armor in the game not available to the player? Why are we limited to just 2 new bundles per day? It’s bad enough that the game is monetized the way it is, but more annoying is how 343 has been drip-feeding us content over the past few weeks.

Give us the option to browse all of the Store Bundles currently in the game. I’ve got 3,500 credits saved up for the CQC armor bundle, and I’d like to buy it. I don’t want to have to wait for weeks on end for it to appear as the Weekly Featured Bundle, that’s just ridiculous.

Better yet, why isn’t it in the battle pass that has at least 30 empty or useless slots.

Update: I just counted out 42 slots that either doesn’t have armor in it or are a doubled-up shoulder piece that should be removed and included with both pieces awarded simultaneously.


That’s not the point of this discussion. The excessive monetization of Halo: Infinite has already been discussed to death and is going to take time to fix. There’s nothing that can be done about the Battle Pass in the immediate future.

However, unlocking all of the content that’s in the Store but hidden from us, that’s something they absolutely can do. Like I said, I already paid for the -Yoink!- credits, but what I need is for the content I wish to buy to be accessible.

Yeah, I’d like to know when the Stormfall helmet with GUNGNIR attachment is gonna be available. That’s really the only armor piece I care about getting.

Wouldn’t need to have this discussion if they didn’t hide it all away in the store and instead put them in better places.

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Spare me. The Halo subreddit has been shut down because of toxic behavior, if you wanna talk about that, create your own thread.