Let’s create our own challenges

I have completed the battlepass, every event to date and am frankly disappointed with the weekly reward system. My friends and I have taken to making our own challenges so I thought I’d leave some examples and encourage you to leave some of your own.

You never know, maybe 343 will just straight up lift some ideas from this thread into season 15 (sorry 343; you’re super slow :rofl:))

Anyway here goes:

Most backsmacks wins 10 James points (non-returnable),

Melee kills only (turns out this won’t result in 100% accuracy - only 50%),

Most ninjas

Kong killing sprees

Vehicle kills/assists only

Team bitchslap (lady dog slap)

Team baggery

Sticky kills only

Team timeout (runaway and don’t let them get 50)

Your turn

Going by the frequently reported issues I suggest adding challenges tied to them to the game:

  • Play a game with less than 100 ms ping - title: fast shooter
  • Win a game without HUD - title: hidden talent
  • Perform 5 backsmacks that don’t register on the server due to desync - title: I was never there

Just kidding - but it’s April 1st after all.

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Any challenge involving Ninja kills I’d skip in a heartbeat.

I’ve been playing since November and have not once had an opportunity to perform a Ninja.

Thruster pack my friend.

Just whack your look acceleration up and jump straight over them. Most people are on default. I also like going around a corner to run away, jumping and doing the job. It’s a good challenge for oddball gametypes