Let’s build together the next season! A better battle pass and new ideas for season 02 and 03

Hi everybody, I hope you all are fine and also your families.
I’m making this entrance on the forum because I want that players and devs work together to make Halo Infinite the best multiplayer game of this generation. So I think that as a community we should have an entrance feedback summary with our ideas on a respectful way hahahah. I hope you can join to this part of the forum and write your ideas and the content that you like to see on future seasons.

Also I make a change survey, you can sign it if you are agree with the ideas on this forum (yours and mine). It’s on change . org and the title is “Let’s build together the next season! A better battle pass and new ideas for next seasons” ( I can’t put links on this forum hahaha) , Please share to everybody on the community of Halo Infinite hahahaha.

So, these are my ideas to season 02:

  1. Make a richer battle pass: I think that the actual battle pass has a poor content for Mark VII, I know that this season is based on Reach and his armor core, but I would like to see the accessories (like shoulders, knees, etc.) of other armors on Mark VII like the commander shoulder from carter, or the knife of Emile, George helmet, etc. Also I think that each level should have a group of rewards (for example 2 shoulders for each level or a gloves and wrist reward for each level, 2 armor coats for each level; not separately).

  2. Chest accessories: I think that some props and items like the ones who are on the Daisy package on the store (the yellow flowers and the clon teddy bear plush) should be and accessories for all the chest variants. Because if you put just a flowers, a knife, plush or pineapples grenades on your chest it feels super empty.

  3. Free money system: Each free to play has a free system money, for example Destiny has this yellow dust that you can use to buy some props on the store. And I think that Halo needs this money on the game.

  4. Making rewards with the free money system: The main objective of this system is make an Incentives politics for the players (and eventually for the Devs. I’ll explain it on the point 5. ). For each victory they can receive 50 free money coins and for each match they would receive 10 coins. And I was thinking that you can spent that money on an armor set (you have to pay 10.000 free coins for an armor set for example) and put a restriction that you can only buy 2 armor sets on each season.

  5. Devs are important on a community, let’s give them incentives: I think that the main reason for the troubles of disrespect and death threats to our devs, is because the community does not know the process to make a game and put the changes that we want it to see on the game. So that idea that I offer is make a healthy competition or contest on each season between groups of design Devs and let the community votes for a winner with the sales of the accessories or armor sets who the group or Devs made. And the prizes would be an extra generous money incentive for each Dev on the group winner or maybe a trip to Hawaii or Bahamas (I don´t know hahahah).

  6. Community creation contents for the game: I would like to see for season a competition of creation content from the community, and the winners ( top 2 or 3) would be voted for the community and the prize would be put their content on the store on the next season. So, everybody who has the passion and the ability to make 3D content would be able to participate making new armor sets, coatings, accessories, etc (and you could participate alone on with a group).

This are my ideas, I hope see yours (I apologies for my English hahaha, is not my native language but is the only way to put some attention of our ideas for the game) and I wish you all blessing and love. Bye :smiley:


It’s a great idea! I would love that Halo Infinite can integrate a system like Tennogen (from warframe) in which the community makes cosmetics and by voting puts them into the game.
This method is good because both the community and 343i would earn money and have thousands of developers generating content for practically free.


Good luck getting any of this past Moneysoft


Thanks for the thoughtful post, and not just a rant. I agree with a lot of your ideas. I think the biggest thing we really need is just more meat in the battle pass. Many levels don’t give anything to free players, and pass subscribers only give a little more. However, if someone is looking for the best deal, then the pass gives you more for the money than anything else, which isn’t exactly saying much.


whiles good luck getting 343 or moneysoft to listen… i do very much agree with all of this. more worthwhile stuff for the free folk, whiles offering a better insentive to the ones paying. better all around for everyone

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Yeah I think implementing long term goals to unlock free armour or currency would be very helpful to keep players continually invested in regular play.

The weekly challenges are okay but once they’re done, that’s it for the week and also the unlocks can vary. If leaks are true they have four emblems over four weeks, all the same for weapon, armour, vehicle and nameplate. Which for four weeks of challenges feels extremely weak to me.

As others have said the campaign offerings are pretty weak. I get why they’ve done it this way, but it would be nice to give out a little better, people will still spend money on the BPs and in the store.

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Less boosts, less overlap would be nice honestly.

There’s just so much stuff in this battlepass I’ll never equip.

I think the chintzy stuff is better left in the store front personally.

I’d rather get some more lore/realistic stuff than a flower or pineapples.

Eh, I disagree on this one.

“Free money” just doesn’t seem rational.

It would be neat to see some community events and involvement of some kind.

You mean 343 investors and upper management, Microsoft has pretty much only been doing good moves for games or devs they own this year. No reason to think they’d 180 and tank their flagship shooter

The hell you are talking? MS is clearly behind that monetarization. 343 IS an Microsoft studio. It’s clear to everyone that MS wants to milk that cow

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Well no duh 343 is a Microsoft studio, but that doesn’t change anything. As far as I can remember for this year and quite a bit back from it, Microsoft has really only been doing good pushes with their gaming studios that directly benefit their platform’s users and players. Microsoft as an overall company and publisher isn’t like EA, they don’t forcibly monetize everything. The only example I can think of is Gears of War 5, but I’m entirely throwing blame of that onto The Coalition upper management wanting more money post Gears 4. I would say Infinite is in quite the same situation as well.

They improved multiplayer off of 4 to 5, but slipped way too far into the monetization space given how popular it was getting in games. The only way they’d have gone even worse than that was if their studio upper management and investors wanted more monetization, since they’re almost always the ones with the least understanding of how to make a game and keep a playerbase. There is just no logic in looking at how consumer friendly and generally great Microsoft was doing and thinking they were responsible for the essential tanking of their biggest IP, twice. There’s been a problem in the franchise for a few years now by the name of Bonnie Ross, who (despite being corp vice pres of XGS) is the head of 343, and it’s all been downhill since she got the reins.

Season Two: Covenant themed.
New covenant themed maps, at least 1 BTB and 1 Arena.
Return of the Carbine and Fuel Rod
Seasonal Armor Core: Playable Elites
Add Customization to Covenant Vehicles, Weaponry and Elites.
Battlepass focused on those things.
Add Covenant Map Variations to existing maps (like we now have the same maps with different weapon spawns, that but with covenant).
Add Game Modes like Elite Slayer


In the vein of Community-added ideas: Community storefronts. 343i charges, say, $1k to allow someone to put their assets in the game (but they have to fit certain parameters, cannot be redundant with anything 343 or another creator has made, and must be vetted before they make it in the game). Then 343i takes like 30% of their profits from selling their item in the game.

Limited open market, but within Halo. And as long as they can set their own prices, maybe we’ll see reasonable shop prices come out of it.

I just want the rest of the game I paid for. Who ever came up with the idea should be sacked.

How about a Fallout themed mini pass as an event. Maybe some Power Armor themed armor core with attachments. Or maybe some postapocalyptic skins, emblems etc. The idea came to my mind because Microsoft owns Bethesda now.


While I haven’t been able to dive into campaign yet and avoid looking it up gor spoilers sake I do keep wondering if it coincides with battlepasses or not. What I mean is, are there ways to solo and earn challenges etc. If not, use co-op as a means to tie it in. Allow us to invest our time through either form, so that our invested time into our spartans can be used for co-op like reach did before.

While multiplayer is free they’re using it’s purchases to fund the new content, but leaving the folks who prefer pve and co-op out of that pool. Sure some might play both but when it comes to firefight (if we get it), spartan ops like mode (doubtful), co-op it could tie it in. Warzone may not comeback but it’s the only mode that felt like a massive battle. We’ll probably never see a halo game like battlefield even the the world is wripe for those massive battles with all the vehicles.

They could fix the challenge thing easily to by doing this, make it a choice, 15 head shots in slayer or 25 brutes? Bring back the score game mode if its not there where skulls are multipliers. Then add the medals and points up divide by how fast you went or something and thats how you gain battlepass progress via pve/campaign. Then take the same calculator to multiplayer but with different values.

There shouldn’t be seasons or battle passes. That entire concept should go out the window

Not gonna lie, I’d love a Fallot 76 season where it gave stuff from past fallouts, halo stuff that fits fallouts vibes and camp items. Fusion cores, gravity hammer skin for sledge, super sledge and tenderizer. The difficulty machete we never get to use as a one handed bladed weapon. Skin for the pump action shotgun to look like halos. Maybe an original assault rifle design thats modular but fits the universe with wooden furniture as an option. Gauss rifle rail gun skin, ONI emblem, UNSC flags etc. ODST brotherhood skin, SPI chinese stealth suit skin.

Then Halo could have a vaultboy emblem or charm, pipboy arm attachment, vault 13 canteen on leg armor, sidekick 10mm pistol skin, antiarmor aniper rifle from new vegas as Halos with exception of modern scope. Vaultboy stance, vaultsuit colored armor, skyrim helmet, arrow in kneepad armor…

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The only free cosmetics are through events and ultimate rewards. I think this is fair because then paid things stay exclusive to being bought and things through events and ultimate rewards stay exclusive by obtaining through challenges.

If they start giving credits away purchases won’t be exclusive for purchasing anymore.

For example if I had the chance to buy a cosmetic or wait a few months or a year to get it free then I wouldn’t buy it. So I think they figured that out, thus infinite’s cosmetic system is the way it is.

I think a good version of the battle pass would be similar to the current one, but:

  • There is no premium version. All items are unlockable by exp


  • You’d have the option to instantly buy a full armor set with the in-game currency in a bundle. Likewise, Spartan ID items would be purchaseable in a bundle etc.

If 343 made the battle pass like this they could give anyone who bought the premium battle pass enough currency to buy any of the upcoming armor sets as compensation, for example.

Also, each armor set and any other customization set that are only purchaseable in the store should be complete and reasonably priced. Currently they aren’t tbh.

Brilliant. Aside from MCC Season 7, why do I feel like the Covenant are being ignored?