Let Our Voices Be Heard

What is one thing you would you like 343 to fix / add in their next update, that would make halo 5 much more enjoyable?

Maybe a UNSC AIR VEHICLE like a Falcon or a Hornet

Firefight that can be done solo or with a team of 4 not just warzone firefight.

An option to TOTALLY DISABLE “Aim Acceleration”

split screen

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> split screen

they would have to go into the core mechanics in the game to do that. hopefully they will bring it back in halo 6

A better carnage report. Wit the medals you earned, weapon of destruction, showing eachothers Spartans, who killed you the most and vice versa, etc etc etc etc

The one we have now is a disgrace.

The only voice we have is our wallet. If we pay we agree, if we don’t…