Let me tell you how it works.

You guys are just stupid who say there had to be a trailer.

It’s not the first time a Halo Game is announced for you or?

It will be most likely like this:
CONCEPT ART and interviews about Halo 4
probably a Trailer in winter or at the VGAs
than alpha screens or developer vids.
then maybe a beta
E3 Campaign level
Gamescom different Campaign level or firefight
if there is Halo fest lots of info


That is the most likely process of promotion. It was like this with reach.
It would be stupid to overrush everything and expect a very big trailer this early

We just wanted them to reveal something worth watching the panel for. Not anything huge, but tidbits of info. Sadly, they failed to even answer the only question worth answering.

“Are you catering to casuals or competitive players?”

“teh haelo fenbaes iz perty divars, s0 i wunt anser ur questiunz. lololol umad.”

They had no problem going into depth with pretty much every other question though. I think we have the right to be disappointed.

of course they will cater to both parts?

> of course they will cater to both parts?

They might try, but look at how Bungie “Catered to all the playstyles” with Reach. This is why most people are frustrated right now. We’re scared of Reach v2, aka franchise suicide.