Let me see what my friends are playing

There are many, many features from past Halo games that didn’t make it into Halo 4. My theory on this is that whle 343i took over the Halo franchise they didn’t get Bungie’s Halo code, so they had to write everything from scratch and there was just too much to get everything into the first game.

One thing that’s missing is the ability to see what my friends are playing. As a result I never join friends to play with them because I don’t want to risk playing a game I hate, such as Flood. If I knew they were playing BTB I’d join them in a heartbeat, and maybe a few other game types depending on the friend, but I learned the hard way not to join people blind.

If 343i could add this to H4 that would be great. If that isn’t really a realistic option, then it’s an absolute “must do” for Halo 5. What do you think?

I’m pretty sure Halo 4 came from Reach’s game engine so it should have had at least everything Reach had, yet it’s missing a good chunk of features and gametypes.

Gametype does show when viewing a friends profile through the friends list after pressing the guide button.

H$ made me lol…

OT: I miss that and many other features, like being able to play something other than Campaign offline. I mostly miss FF, the funny grunts, Campaign MM, the old Worthog, old Theatre, and having more than two friends that like Halo.

You can actually see what they are doing from the friends tab that you can access from clicking on the big button on your controller. Then when I go in their profile it reads they are playing Halo 4 - Ragnarok or Halo 4 - Forge mode or even theater.

I know what you mean OP. There are small features in the UI that add so much to the experience. Maybe in Halo 5.

They used Reach’s engine which is part of the reason stuff like CSR isn’t present in-game