Let me help you guys, spec. code help

After a circus of events in the last three weeks, i finally got a specializations code after being rank locked at a 70. I just about threw this game away from frustrations of being rank locked. After my sixth, yes 6th, phone conversation with Microsoft support i finally got someone who knew what they were doing. They sent my request and complaint for a code to the Xbox care advocacy team and they got me a code and emailed it to me within 72 hours.

If any of you are without a code still (like i was for 3 weeks), when on the phone with Xbox support, ask to deal with the advocacy team right away so -Yoink- can be done, don’t deal directly with the idiot customer support people.

Hope this helps anyone who still has not gotten a code

bump* This is to stop all the threads popping up about this issue. Don’t listen to xbox support when they send you here, ask for the advocacy team to review your claim