Lessons learned from Warzone: What you want in BTB

Warzone has lost some of its luster for me. Req pack frustrations, and lopsided matches have left a bitter taste in my mouth. But I’m not here to complain. I’ve enjoyed BTB in every other version of Halo. I was hoping to use this thread as a means of gathering feedback from the community about what everyone would like to see or is looking forward to in the upcoming BTB playlist.

For example:

  • Even starts - Maps that accommodate vehicles AND infantry - DMR starts (or ample DMR’s available for pickup) - Enough vehicles and Power weapons the accommodate the entire team.What are looking forward to or hoping to see in BTB?

Remakes of headlong/ waterworks/ blood glitch.

maybe a new style of btb where it’s focused on dog fights. Like a map with 5 hornets and 5 banchee’s… -Yoink- like that

Yep, for BtB i’d like to see even starts…DMRs and BRs for pickup or BR starts with DMRs around the bases for pickup. And perhaps even legendary weapon spawns in the center areas of the map.

I would just enjoy it if BTB in Halo 5 is the same as in Reach and Halo 4