Lessen splash damage taken by vehicles?

Consider it a request. I know you hate vehicles 343, but some of us really enjoy them, and I was wondering if it was possible to reduce the amount of damage they take outside of direct hits? It seems silly that a tank’s armor would have a hard time dealing with the fragmentation of grenades outside its armor or even the concussion of a much larger explosion that didn’t hit it directly. I’m perfectly comfortable with tanks dying to well-placed shots, but it doesn’t seem right that splash should do SO MUCH damage to a heavily armored vehicle.

In fact it doesn’t seem right for MOST combat vehicles, since their armor is designed first and foremost to deal with splash damage and effects. Designers figured out early on that such damage was the type they were most likely to take, so they designed their armor for that purpose. It’s not a direct increase to their health or anything like that, just a decrease in the amount of splash damage they take. All of us vehicle fans become much bigger targets when we’re in our vehicles, and I thought it might be fair to require players to aim a bit more to kill us.

Please and thank you.