Less News, More Surprises?

As much as I love following Halo news and provided both positive and negative feedback towards Halo, I personally feel like 343i reveled almost everything about Halo 4 other than the campaign storyline. Personally, while I do want to know more about Halo Xbox One, I would like some surprises when playing the game. I would like to be blown away without knowing about it before playing the game for the first time.

Even if we were to wait until a beta (if there was one) to find out some of these new big additions that would suffice. A good example would be something like the Mantis. I feel like seeing a giant mech in the middle of Valhalla/Ragnorok would have been an awesome surprise. Not everything has to be revealed before launch in my opinion.

I can understand why they reveal so much information but one big surprise would be nice. I just like being surprised :stuck_out_tongue:

Let me know if you guys feel differently!

I think that they do better with the bread crumb style of small info drops to keep interest in Halo Xbox One around. Too many games now just announce themselves and then disappear until the launch window opens.

Completely against this, if anything, 343i will want to be releasing nearly every spec of information on the multiplayer before launch. Halo 4’s multiplayer put a lot of people off the franchise and keeping huge secrets for a ‘surprise’ on day one is going to do nothing but piss people off, especially if those ‘surprises’ are unbalanced.

Campaign: wholeheartedly agree. I was hyped up
Multiplayer: best to leave it open, no surprises

> Campaign: wholeheartedly agree. I was hyped up
> Multiplayer: best to leave it open, no surprises

I get the Multiplayer thing really, and as I said, I’d rather have it as a surprise up until an open Beta.

I agree with those who say multiplayer should be open.

Campaign stuff should definitely be kept under better wraps though. All the other halos had plenty of surprises even with the information they did give us.

With the info and the novels it was pretty easy to tell halo 4’s plot. Because people thought there was more than just they were blatantly implying, there became a lot of crazy theories about precursors and such, but we got none of that.

Only thing truly surprising was Cortana’s ‘death’ (don’t turn this into a thread on her please), and prometheans being humans. The latter of which had no impact on me at all.

> Campaign: wholeheartedly agree. I was hyped up
> Multiplayer: best to leave it open, no surprises

This, but they definitely shouldn’t reveal all the maps (keep a couple of them secret till launch) and I do agree that things like the Mantis which are a cool but small detail should remain secret. It would have been much more awesome to see the Mantis for the first time when playing the Infinity mission and not really know what vehicle it was that rose on to its plaque.

But Multiplayer in general should be all out there. Every mode, all the options, the playlists, Forge (except for some cool items that can surprise us when we play) and that kind of thing should be revealed before launch.