Lengendary campaign help (master chief armor)

hey guys , on new years day i completed the legendary campaign on solo and i didn’t get a achievement or any thing then i went to the campaign section on the halo 4 menu and it said i had only completed the mission where you are on the elephant/mammoth on heroic so today i did that level on legendary and got the achievement’s but i did not get the masterchief armour ! does ANYBODY know what to do help !!

you prob played it offline. sorry

That is mostly likely the case. You have to be connected to xbox live while playing.

Halowaypoint may have some glitches so it may not tell the whole story but it says you’ve only beaten Infinity on Legendary (even though you have the achievements for beating it on Legendary).

To tell for sure which missions you have to do. Start the game, make sure you are connected to XBox Live and then go into the campaign mission lists to see which ones need to be completed on legendary.

While you are playing the game and you need to leave in a mission, always use the “Save and Quit” option and “Resume Campaign” option.

You can always do the campaign co-op or with friends to make things easier.

ya i didn’t do it online !! my bro is always on my xbox live account and when we have 2 xbox’s so do i have do do it AGAIN???

Unfortunately, yes. But you can do it co-op and it’ll still unlock. :slight_smile:

> Unfortunately, yes. But you can do it co-op and it’ll still unlock. :slight_smile:

i thought it unlocked for completing the game solo legendary? :expressionless:

& check your stats after each mission to make sure its registered, thats what ive been doing since people have said they had problems :slight_smile:

can some one from 343 or halo waypoint not unlock it for me


i found a workaround. you can just repeat the last rally point of a level on legendary to get the commendations. so, not too much to do again, for those of us who already completed it. still, they better fix this glitch soon.