Lego Halo 4 Battle Rifle Life Size

I feel like this is my best work with LEGO as far as appearance goes. It doesn’t shoot, it’s just a prop. Here it is, the BR85HBSR Battle Rifle from Halo 4, built life size with LEGO!

High quality photos on Flickr, and all my progress photos: Link

Video on YouTube with photos and working features: Link

Enjoy, and thanks for taking the time to view!

That is . . . AMAZING!


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I know its a lot to ask but you should use one of the LEGO programs out there to make an instruction kit for this thing, I don’t care how much it would cost to get all the peices I would love to be able to build something like that!

That is by far one of the coolest lego creations I’ve ever seen. Phenomenal job…

Very nice! Loving the detail with the emblem on the back!

Now just to find a way to make it fire xD

Saw this on Flickr. Excellent job!

that sounds really cool!

A battle rifle…made out of lego…you are simply AMAZING! :smiley: you did a fantastic job!