Legkolo in halo 4?

Okay, I know I am on the verge of stupidity, but If I am not mistaken, there will be no covenant in halo 4. What about legkolo worms and possibly different forms they took?

They were first found by the covenant, they eat forerunner technology, so I’m thinking its more than possible there will be some in halo 4-5-6?

I doubt it, the Lekgolo have their own planet, and I don’t think they had starships when the Covenant found them.

This is one thing I would be very eager to see, after all so far we only know of two forms (hunter and scarab). I am sure that many more forms can be taken, and I would definitely like to see them! As to probability, I would say it’s possible but unlikely…

Rolling flame, the planet that they were on was a forerunner planet that they had basically eaten. Its totally possible that they resided on other forerunner structures.

I thought that the Covenant and Flood had already been confirmed for Halo 4. Was I mistaken?

No, the covenant was confirmed to NOT be in halo 4

Can I have a link please?

> Can I have a link please?

dude just go to ign and watch some of the panels it tells you clearly that there will be no “purple”.