Legitimate Issues & Constructive Criticism

Okay I have been looking around and posted a few times since the release of Halo 4 and sadly it seems that all of the Legitimate issues are buried in Pages of troll and Hate threads. So in order to try to save time I have looked through a few of the Pages and found threads with REAL issues that should be addressed and I have summarized what a good portion of the fans are saying.

(This list will be updated as time goes on, and as other issues are brought up or are put to rest.)

Custom Games/Forge
Game Types like: Halo Ball, Race, VIP need to come back
Flood needs to have visual customization returned and weapon spawning addressed.
Another Forge world like Coliseum or Hemorrhage needs to be added.
Waypoint support for File Share needs to be added ASAP
Click here for thread discussing previously stated Issues

War Games/Map Issues:
Add a Community Playlist and Community made maps to War games
Compound Wall Glitch

Miscellaneous Ideas (Things that would be cool to see)
Ordnance Visual and Strategic Update

I will be adding more as time progresses and as more issues come to light. If you have an issue that you feel is important please post it below or PM me so I can add it to the list (Please include an active thread with it if possible)

Please don’t let this become a Hate thread, I love Halo 4 but like any game it has some issues.

Note that: Buff this, Nerf that, Remove/Move from Load outs/Ordnance will not be highlighted here unless valid evidence can be provided that does affect the game to make it unbalances the game for BOTH sides.