Legitimate Criticism and critiques about Halo Infinite

First this isn’t going to be the typical HaLo iS jUsT bAd post with no explanations, but is will be in bullet point form cause that’s the best way [for me] that I can get this out. Hopefully 343i will see this and all the other criticisms and make changes.

•Aim assist (on controller) should be looked at and possibly tuned or re-tuned. The area around the player model is much smaller than previous Halos (especially Halo 3). It also seems to “unstick” when aiming at a moving target, when player targeting is standing still, it doesn’t happen as much when both players are moving but it can and does still happen. This can lead to inconsistencies where you seem to have ‘worse’ or ‘better’ on targets for no reason. Which leads to inconsistent shots and aiming.

•Vertical aiming speed (up & down) is definitely slower than horizontal speed (left to right) would like to see the ability to adjust vertical aiming speed.

•Assault Rifle range and accuracy definitely needs to be re-tuned or tuned down. You should not be able to cross-map, or 3/4 map in the case of BTB and get more than 3 or 4 accurate hits. The damage from the AR is fine.

•Commando should have the ability to switch from a full auto mode to a semi auto mode instead of having the “tap fire” option. (If the Commando is truly meant to replace the DMR it needs this option)

•Sentinel Beam initial recoil could be turned down slightly or more predictable during constant firing.

•Tracking for the overcharged plasma bolt from Plasma Pistol could be increased especially at mid-range.

•Melee definitely needs to be looked at, at best I would call it inconsistent. I don’t know if it’s the lack of a lunge or the hurt box of the melee. There have been many times in matches that I went to melee and I have completely whiffed a target that was right in front, then there are times that my target is barely on screen and I still get a hit. Also I believe that the different melee speeds for each weapon is a little much, The only things that should have a different melee speed are the energy sword, the skull/bomb (slightly faster) the flag, if it’s gonna stay a two hit kill. The heavy weapons [Rocket launcher, Skewer, etc] should have a slightly slower melee speed. Everything else should be ‘normal’ speed.

•The extra ‘bonus damage’ for shooting the tires of human vehicles should be turned down, or it shouldn’t do as much overall damage to the vehicles health.

•Should be able to drive all vehicles when in the ‘doomed state’. Would like a on screen prompt that vehicle is doomed.

•Do not like the fact that there is a distance cap for tagging enemies, vehicles, and points on the map. Makes tagging air vehicles difficult, distance cap should be removed.

•Player fire teams, (the 4 player group) in big team seems redundant, and should just be removed especially since players who are already in a party almost never get into the same fire team as there party members, which then in turn makes communication difficult.

•There should be a 50xp ‘win bonus’ on top of the 50xp to help incentivize players in objective game types to play and not pad their K/D.

•Penalties for quitting ranked matches should be increased or changed to impact players rank not just their playtime.

•The prices in the item store need to be reduced by half (at least) or more.

•There needs to be more items and armor pieces in the free battle pass. Also there should not be so much armor locked behind a pay wall considering that most of the players never payed for what is basically the same armor in other Halo titles.

•The speed at which a Spartan walks backwards needs to be slightly decreased to reduce walk speed stalemates.

Please leave your criticisms and critiques I would like to know what you think should be tweaked and please refrain from angry/rage posting.


•The Hydra’s damage should be looked at because it feels like it does more damage against vehicles than it does other Spartans

All I want is to be able to play with low or no lag, latency, rubber banding or high ping. This could be possible but there is no option to filter out servers that are not in your region. So every game I try and play is just terrible. You can see your network statistics on the top right screen if your toggle it on in your settings.
Most games I’m getting are unplayable.
140ms to 150ms worst
60ms to 80ms bad
25ms to 30ms average
12ms to 15ms best if ever had.

Now put all that in how the game runs. Now add in more players that can easily kill you with 2 bullets and your amount of bullets do nothing. For the love that is all halo 343 LET ME PICK WHAT SERVER I WANT!!


•The repulsor should push harder when in close range to another player

[Repulser] Maybe even damage or kill a target when pushed into a wall in close quarters.

I will also be putting all future tweaks and changes I would like to see in this thread.

(Bulldog) Give players the ability singe load the bulldog or increase the reload time I’d this is truly going to be the replacement for the Shotgun

Im personally a big fan of these. If you dont mind, I made a thread to try and consolidate all of the feedback into one easy to follow thread. the name of the thread is

changes ideas and overall feedback for all

If you want you can link to it…but I am not gonna leave this one… it’s just easier for me to keep my own thoughts in one place that’s all

Definitely not.
Giving items other than Gun Melee Grenades the capability to do damage is part of the reason why people hate Armor Abilities and H5 in general. People actually did complain and hate Power Drain back in Halo 3 too.

Repulsor with the ability to heavily damage or kill will be akin to Armorlock in Reach where it not only provided you with defense, it also gave you an attack/counter.

Definitely no.

Now this is the kind of post we need more of an explanation of what is wrong and possible fixes and not one bit of “reeee 343 bad” very good

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I am not saying it has to one shot at any range I am saying if both players are super close and there is a wall close to the player being pushed I am saying they should be able to get pancaked. The point that I’m getting at is there needs to be better force scaling on it. The repulsor is also nowhere close to being the same as armor lock.

Thanks man it’s nice to see that there are more people out there who have the same mindset :+1: