Legit Copy of Halo 5?

So I bought a new copy of Halo 5 from amazon and when I opened it, I found out that there was nothing in the case besides the game and the writing on the disc was written in Spanish. I though that all Halo 5 discs shipped with a 14 day gold trial and ads. In addition, while the game case had a Esrb rating, the disc had what I suspect to be a Pegi Rating of 14(even though the actual Pegi rating is 16). The only thing that caused me from not dismissing it as a bootleg is that Major Nelson previously posted on his twitter a link to buy it from that seller and its the first seller that comes up when you search Halo 5. When i put it in it works fine, but I rather not get banned or hassled by Microsoft for having a fake copy. Can anyone clarify if this disc is legit, perhaps just a disc from a different country. It seems especially strange that they would mismatch the game and the box.

Nvm, returned it and went out and bought a copy of Halo 5 from the local store for around the same price. Has everything it should and is normal.