LEgion clan is now recruiting!

4 years, 4 long years we’ve struck fear into the minds of thousands, those who know us fear us and we echo through the Halo universe as one of the most powerful clans that has ever existed. Turn the tide in your Halo experiance by joining a glorious community of fun filled hard working Halo players dedicated to the LGN cause! Be apart of not just a community but a family, a hive mind that works as one and kills as one relentless force. You have the opportunity to train and perfect your skills earn merit points for your rank and make a name for yourself in our clan.

We host HQs, custom game days, clan matches, and friendly take over tournaments all for your entertainment. For more questions please contact these VIPs below

Leader: Canadian Taco5
Overseer: hacker 11254
General: XVII Centurion
Trainer: Zippzorz