Legendary xp boost back in req store next month?

Is there a chance they can come back in the store soon? Grinding 152 is alot more fun when there are legendary boosts available again.

I have the same question, I’m definitely hoping for that pack to make its way back so getting to 152 is a tad bit easier.

I’ve been grinding since September and it’s only been in the store once at the end of December.
I don’t think it should return very often though as it will basically rub it in the faces of those who either got 152 before “the grind” or those who were high enough from playing enough before stopping.

I started again at 146 so haven’t been too far off, but it should be for those who either have kept playing Halo or played it a lot years ago instead of jumping on the grind. That’s why it feels tedious, it wouldn’t to those who played it for fun before.
Sorry to dampen the mood but there will be backlash from the 3000 odd 152s if they add the packs in regularly.

These packs should only be viewed as a bonus in the quest towards the final rank in Halo 5 and nothing more. The XP grinding should preferably be based on a self sustaining strategy where you maximizing the average xp payout while still breaking even on the req point investment for collecting these boosts. If you get a significant amount of leftover req points from the strategy, you can simply save the req points for future use (Leg. XP Boost Packs).