Legendary weapons.

Ok, just a quick thought but how will Legendary Weapons work? Will they be unlocked when a certain criteria is met or will they be a Req card? Also will they be one off use or will they be like a weapon skin or armour piece that once unlocked will remain unlocked? And!!! If they are permanently unlocked will we have the option to toggle them as defaults in matchmaking? Eg the rocket launcher, can we use the original launcher as default over the ‘generic’ new launcher or will we have to choose the classic every time we want to spawn a launcher in Warzone?

Hopefully it’ll be a permanent card that can be set as default over the newer version, think about it, always spawning Kelly’s sniper rifle instead of the bog standard sniper rifle, always spawning the classic rocket launcher over the newer version.

You have to have the req card and the Warzone match has to reach a certain tier before use. Mythic weapons are one time use. You spend that req card on Linda’s Sniper and you died 5 minutes later? You can’t get another until you have another card for Linda’s Sniper or you salvage one on the field.

in multiplayer youll need to unlock them in Req packs OR pick them up off of a dead body

in campaign youll spawn with your characters own legendary weapon and may be able to find some legendaries spread around the map

presumably in forge and custom games you could plant legendaries wherever you’d like and then pick them up as normal or be able to spawn with them off the bat

It would be cool if you received a Mythic Weapon REQ Card for every time you accomplish something related to that REQ Card. For example, if you could get Kelly’s Shotgun as a reward for playing one campaign mission as Kelly.