Legendary Weapons and Vehicles

I’ve seen a bunch of people asking for Halo: CE pistol and Fist of Rukt, but what about the Scarab gun? I know it’s OP, but I think it should be limited to forge and customs. So some weapons I’d like for Halo 5 are:

Fist of Rukt (Halo 2)

Keyes Pistol (Halo CE)

Scarab Gun (Halo 2)

Prophet’s Bane (Halo 5)

Johnsonn’s Battle Rifle (Halo 3)

SPNKR (Halo 3/4/Reach version but with Reach sound)

Keyes SMG (Halo 3)

Rookie’s silenced SMG and Silenced Magnum (Halo 3: Odst)

343 Guilty Spark (It would be like carrying an oddball but being able to fire his laser. Halo 3)

Now what if there were legendary vehicles? Maybe being able to use the Prophet’s chair, a Heretic Banshee, etc. Post some comments or ideas on what legendary weapons or vehicles you want to see.