Legendary Tremonious

This dude, my lord, I have had more fun getting destroyed by jackal snipers in H2. There is no way to efficiently kill this monkey and he does sooo much damage, the damage he does is fine but with his near endless health (A phat shield + Armor + A stupid thicc health bar) I have run out of ammo 8 attempts and have been unable to beat him thus far. I swear to god if 343’s answer to this is to stick more ammo in the room with him im gonna have an aneurysm. just a touch squishier please for the love of all that is fun about this game, I would really like to continue my campaign

You need to enter the encounter with the skewer, full grenades (stickies and spikes especially) and also load that elevator room with fusion coils (prior to calling the elevator) to throw at him. Kill the jackals first then focus tremonious. That’s how I did it. Took two tries

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