Legendary Spartan Ops Recruitment

Yo, I’m Whako, and I’m trying to get a bunch of spartans together to beat Spartan Ops on Legendary. If you’re in the same boat, put your gamertag here. Hopefully we can all meet up at some point or another and have some fun.

Gamertag: whako

I’m looking for some people too, it sucks we can’t choose the difficulty when playing the current week’s episode online. Spartan Ops was meant to be played on Legendary imo

gamertag: PeruvnRasta


im in!

I’m game, invite me next time you’re doing it.

Im in! I usually do legendary solo but I’d like Co-Op. How about some Co-Op Legendary Campaign too?

GT: QuestionMrk99

Jaktheripperer. Need all but first mission :slight_smile:

GT: Smore Overlord
I need to do all the missions on legendary so I’m in.

I love playing spartan ops so im down!!
GT: Nerf Herder 83
i will also send some of you guys friend requests

Definately in!! Send friend request for invite

> Definately in!! Send friend request for invite

You should probably invite them, as this thread has been inactive for 6 months.

I’m looking to help on legendary, absolutely love ops. message me on live with a time you might need help.