Legendary REQ from silver

Hi! I did just receive a legendary card from a silver pack! (ONI GAUSS TURRET)
Is it a glitch or is it a really small chance to get a higher tier card from silver?
Have this happened to anyone else?

Cheers! :slight_smile:

It means you’ve gotten everything you can from silver packs. Congratulations!

How far are you in your collection?

Its a one time reward for getting everything else possible from the silver packs

I think I have all! Gonna try one more silver if there is any more. If this was the last then… HYPE for GOLD!! :smiley:

That’s awesome. Just found this thread because I had the same question getting the oni gauss turret from a silver pack. ON TO GOLD

That oni gauss turret is MONEY.

Looks like I need to stop buying golds for now haha