Legendary Planet- Shield World, Ship or Something Completely Different

What do you think?

Personally, I think it looks like a shield world BUT what use would a SW have outside the galaxy (and the reach of the Halos). Also, why is its surface completely mechanical? No other Forerunner construct that I know of wasn’t teraformed on its surface… This leads me to think that, like some shield worlds, it is teraformed on the inner face of its outer shell (because its not Halo without amazing views and enviourments). Could it be a ship of some kind? It surely doesn’t look too big…

Covenant Super-Carrier. At the side of the so called ‘planet’, it has a slight curve at the very bottom which indicates it is possibly a ship. I doubt it’s a planet, It seems more like a Covenant Super-Carrier to me.

Its way to forerunner to be Covenant. Plus, didn’t we finish that fight? Its definitely forerunner.

It’s the Death Star, duh.

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I would say it’s the planet Onyx.

> I would say it’s the planet Onyx.

No, the “planet” was made up of sentinels that destroyed Onyx when they activated. Plus the nuke didn’t help either.

Yeah, its a shield world.
It couldn’t be a Covedent Super Carrier.
It wouldn’t macth the size.