Legendary not showing completed

Hello everybody:

I just finished Halo: Reach on Legendary, but in my career section it only shows as “Started Legendary” and no first completion date. I got all the achievements including the one for finishing solo on legendary. Any ideas?

Did you change the hardship level at any point? I completed the game but forgot that I had changed the setting from Heroic to normal as i was having a problem at one point… Result was that I did not get the achievement for completing the game.

He’s talking about the Service Record status. That’s odd that you got the achievements but the Record didn’t update. I know they’ve had problems with Service Records in the past. For example, ODST, I had seen where people had the achievements but their Record said otherwise. I know in Reach I have started Legendary Co-op but it still says “Normal in Progress”…or atleast the last time I checked it did. It’s propably just a bug they have with the Service Records…hopefully it’ll be patched.


Thanks for the replies. Must be a bug, it sucks having spent all the time and sweat not to get proper credit. Hopefully they’ll fix it.