Legendary Ninjas. WELCOME! *Click HERE*

Hi! And thank you for clicking. If you are looking for a fun organized clan to play halo 4 with, well you found it! Msg Ve1kron to join and get established. =D

*Must have a mic
*Must play Halo 4, 2 Hours a day 3x a week or 4 Hours Friday and Saturday.
*Must Not miss more than 2 Weekends a month.
*Must work well with other Spartans.
*Must obey Higher Rank.

No Bashing other Spartans, They are your commrads, Work Together.

Must obey Higher Rank Game Commands. Such as Co-op, CTF, Slayer etc.

Punishment: Lowering their k/d ratio and/or kicked.


Shoot out ladder tournaments this means that the top player climbs up the ladder into the next round, Thier are 3 rounds and winner takes a giftcard. Tournaments are held Once a Month on the 7th of Every month. Simi weekly challanges for rank, and weekly weekend achivments. As well as daily Slayer, Ctf, Sprnt Ops Ect.

Ranks, And Clan info: LEGENDARY NINJAS

YING YANG/ Circle,

1st Rank LNIJ 130 Cmds all
2nd Rank NIJA 120-129 Cmds 7 Spartans of same or lower rank
3rd Rank CMND 101-119 Cmds 5 Spartans of same or lower rank
4th Rank MAJR 75-100 Cmds 4 Spartans of same or lower rank
5th Rank LT 50-74 Cmds 2 Spartans of same or lower rank
6th Rank Aprt 25-49 Able to request Spartan for any mission. Same or lower rank.
7th Rank Newb 1-25 No benifit

P.S. Im Currently looking for 3 Leaders to help Run the Clan, Must be SR 120+ with 1.5 k/d as well as be a Good Role Model. Thank you and have a good day Spartans.