Legendary missions

Hey guys and girls i really need help with halo 3 legendary campaign i need 3 people i have done crow’s nest and the mission before flood gate i need help with all the others my gamer tag is MCB280 sent me an friend invite and say halo 3 so i know why you are adding me and if you need help with anything i shall try to help.

Well, I can help you… Hey! anybody else? Halo 3 Legendary campaign? Anybody want to help?

I need help from flood gate on wards if we get two more people it will be alot more easier than 2

yeah i could help too,that’s if ur in the UK , i have asked for help in the past but iam afraid it is just hopeless.

yeah thanks it might be a bit hard but i think we could do it (im talking about the time frame)

Yeah, that might be hard but we can still try. But we need 1 more person…

ive got a friend who has done this one legendary so but he might not or might be on i dont know