Legendary Master Spartan Recruiting

The Legendary Master Spartan Community is a group of experienced hardcore Halo fans… We are here to mostly to have fun, but we’re primarily a network of players who support each other in various Halo endeavors. This is a mature adult content type company example language, comments, jokes an so on. Keep things civil not bullying, hacking and so on. Result of any type of wrongful action is done will permitly be removed from the clan. However, you can join get your FREE REQ Pack and then leave the Community.Here’s what we’re about:

  • Achievements, Skull Hunting, Legendary, ect. Working together to unlock achievements is always fun, and you will find active players who are willing to help here.

  • Map Building

  • Friendly games: Want to get a custom game going, or get a fireteam together for Arena/ Warzone? We’re up for anything.The Legendary Master Spartan Community is a Spartan Company dedicated to hardcore Halo fans who seek to be the best in all aspects of Halo and to have fun doing so. This Company is more casual then competitive, But who dosent like to win? So we are seeking veteran Halo fans of all ages to join our ranks**. Apply today and join a pack worth fighting for!**