Legendary/Limited/Special Edition console and game

What would you like to see in the Special/Legendary/Limited Collector’s Edition Xbox Series X console and game?

Personally, I loved the Halo 3 Limited Edition console, game, and accessories (headset, controllers). It would be cool if 343 Industries had some input in the Series X case
design, reshape the console case to resemble something awesome from the franchise instead of a boring box.

I’m hoping for:
Xbox Series X 1TB expansion cards shaped like Data Crystal chips
Special Edition Elite 2 controller
Special Edition game case
Special Edition figurine or statue/collectable
Full Scale, wearable Halo Infinite Master Chief Mjolnir Spartan VR helmet*.
*contains VR content from the Halo Outpost Discovery like “Training Grounds’ and Halo MCC running in VR using that awesome fan made interface.