legendary help?

Ok I’m on level 5. I cant get past past the first time the mammoth stops. I keep getting killed by the wraith and the 2 ghosts. I manage to kill the wraith but than another one drops in. Is there anyway to do this level oh and I am doing legendary on 2 player co-op but not right now playing halo wars. So any tips or anyone want to help?



I never thought of just running for it on a vechicle we always tried on foot though and had no luck so hopefully a veichle will help. Anyway thanks for the info.

There’s an even better way.

Check out NakedHalo (Naked Eli’s) youtube channel, and see his Pacifist Run.

He doesn’t need to kill anything (Except for the Lich, but that doesn’t count) in the entire game to finish it.

If you need a hand to get to the end of legendary just msg me