Legendary Glitched

I’ve had the Halo 4 campaign completed on legendary on my own for quite some time now. From what friends have told me and what I’ve seen on videos, once you complete it on legendary you unlock the ‘Legendary Visor’ and the Mark VI armor. This however was not done for me. I have the achievements and career stats that clearly show I had beaten the game, yet for some odd reason I wasn’t given the armor or visor, it doesn’t even show up as locked anywhere. I thought maybe with a new update it’d fix the glitch but it’s still messed up. Please, anyone, what am I suppose to do? What CAN I do?

Going by you Campaign stats (Here) it hasn’t got you recorded as finishing the 6th and 8th mission on Legendary. So if you just do those 2 missions on Legendary again it should work.

It’s tied to the Commendations. You have to complete it all online to get the armor.