Legendary Gametype

So, forgive me if this has been long since discussed, debated, tossed aside, what-have-you - I’m fairly new to Halo 4 on account of spending considerable time without a 360 (but I’ve been playing since CE, PC, 2, 3, Reach, etc, yaddya yaddya). I, like many posters here, have a problem with the COD-like mechanics in Halo 4 - loadouts and ordinance especially. I find most everything else the game does the game does beautifully.

The thing is…what about the Legendary gametype? It does away with these elements and such games have been by far the most fun I’ve played in Halo 4. Legendary CTF on Ragnarok has been the single greatest game I’ve played in Halo 4 so far. Vehicles were actually useful. Teamwork was required to stop the Mantis from ROFL-stomping the team. The Warthog was once again a flag-capturing vehicle. Etc.

So why does this show up so seldom?

because players dislike playing without their personal setups i think.

Personally I like legendary ctf mode as I enjoy the mantis (has by far the best defensive suitability of any vehicle) and plasma pistol is…less of a threat. its a vehicle that responds well to a bit of skill and tactics. a good mantis player will hold 2/3 the map alone in CTF, which combined with controlling the laser = easy win.

on smaller maps - its also nice due to the pure BR match.