Legendary Flames went missing?

Hey guys,

So about a year ago I activated a brand new code that I bought for the legendary flaming helmet in Halo: Reach (legendary flames are the red flamed in case you didn’t know). Anyways, I was happily using them in matchmaking and all was well until I deactivated my Xbox live account about 6 months ago until I reactivated it a little over a week ago. When I got back on halo reach (I purchased it on the xbox live marketplace btw) and I went to the armory to make my character all cool I noticed that the legendary flames were not available under my armor effects. I went back to the rest of the armory to discover that I still had my rank and all of my other armory completion. I just was curious as to how/why the flames got lost and if there is any way to recover them (I doubt there is but it can’t hurt to ask right?) .


Well, did you change Xbox or hard drive? Or did you delete reach completely from the hard drive? In this case, you also deleted the information that enables the legendary flames.

If that’s however not the case, it’s strange.

However, you can, or atleast should be able, redownload it again by going to your purchase history to redownload things that you’ve downloaded before. I’m not really sure how that’s done, but you need to go to the account on your xbox and from there find some Account Management and Download History, from there you should see everything you’ve downloaded in a chronological order. Just select what you wish and the ability to download should be available.