Legendary ending now = more awesome

1st sorry if this is already a topic, I couldn’t find it anywhere…

2nd for those of you who haven’t seen it…

Has anyone else noticed the slight difference in the legendary ending with Johnson and the Elite yet? other than the obvious blue elite now being gold, now Johnson grabs the elites -Yoink-. Personally I think this is hilarious. Or is that just me??? 3rd discuss…

Yeah, it was even more comical with the remastered graphics.

it made me so happy, I thought it was a good little “Easter egg” for those of us who played the original CE

My buddy never saw the ending before. Needless to say when we finished on legendary he was cracking up for a good 2 mins.

Well here is Legendary ending.
It shows both ones old and new.
I find the new one extremely funny.
Also pause at 0:38/0:39 it made me go O__o.

In the original the elite rabbed johnson’s behind.
In the new one Johnson grabbed the elite O_o

The elite is a lot taller now

Honestly, I never noticed Sarge coping a feel before :wink:

I laughed at this change, too. Pretty awesome change there 343i.

In the original the elite moved his hand instead of Johnson

Nice, haven’t gotten there yet myself but looking forward to it.

> In the original the elite moved his hand instead of Johnson

And Han shot first, big whoop!

It’s a nice little touch they did here, I like seeing nods to previous events.

I am glad I saw this before actually getting to the end myself. Because I would not have noticed Johnson grabbing the Elite’s butt. I would have been pissed off that the Elite didn’t grab Johnson’s butt. That always made me laugh.