Legendary Ending chiefs face?

My friends and I just finished legendary and we did not get to see chiefs face or eyes at then end…what do u have to do to see it?

Here it is. Honestly though beating it on legendary should’ve done it.

Yea I saw that, it just would have been nice to see it on the big screen at the end of a long battle. I’m a bit disappointed.

I really don’t know how I missed this!

It has to be solo legendary.

> It has to be solo legendary.

Thats misleading…

Ya, I beat it on legendary with a friend as well for a campaign challenge and we didn’t get to see it. You must have to do it solo.

The clearest one.

SOLO. It was pretty amazing for me to see it. Mostly because the second to last battle on Midnight is the toughest in the game.

In my opinion I just thought that his face should always be kept secret. Like you do not see Batman taking his mask off in front of the public kind of thing. It was always a mystery to the citizens of Gotham on who Batman really was and what he looked like. That is how I see 117. A mysterious man with honor on one shoulder and loyalty on the other. A man that should not have his face revealed. Even though you only see a bit of his nose and his eyes then it blacks out. But I just felt like they should kept that secret from the Halo fans. Maybe letting us create our own version of what Chief’s face looks like. :slight_smile: