Legendary Edition To be Announced On Conan?

Just a quick though, I think it’s likely that the Legendary Edition will be announced tonight on Conan. Namely because they have mentioned preordering a lot recently, e.g in the RvB video, and through tweets etc.

Again, just a thought, but maybe that is what the ‘Big News’ is, as I personally don’t weigh release dates as particularly ‘Big’.

Doubt it.

Seems likely seeing how they said that there’s gonna be big Halo 4 news and they already told us the release date and said it’s not a trailer.

I can see campaign trailer and then at the end they will show the different versions legendary, limited, normal.

Actually, I think I read somewhere that it was going to be an interview. Mah Gamestop won’t let me preorder Legendary intill it’s announced,and I’m worried I won’t get the preorder bonus with the legendary.

I’m more hoping for the new enemy to be shown.

what time is conan on tonight

There is no new trailer tonight folks. Expectations low!

I’m just counting on that 'cause they told that when the release date were announced the Editions would too.

I really hope so. This is my first Legendary Edition - I missed Halo 3’s launch, ODST was standard-only, got Limited edition Reach, now I’m stepping up.

I have a hard time holding on to money, though, so I’m hoping for the announcement, haha.

I wouldn’t get any hopes up for new information from tonight’s Conan. I have a feeling the big news is just the release date and maybe a new photo or two.

My guess is that the Collectors edition and Legendary edition will be revealed around E3. But I’ve been wrong before … many of times … We can only wait to find out