Legendary Edition - Missing guns for Noble Team diorama/statue...

Hey lads, just thought I would ask if anyone else has had the misfortune of NOT getting any guns to go along with Noble Team diorama? I got my Legendary this morning at work, all excited, opened it up and got to the diorama to find that there were no guns in the pack. Massively PO’d that something so obvious could have been missed. I’m not one to complain, but after spending over $200 Aus dollars on this, I would have expected that a little time could have been spent to make sure that all the Legendary ed’s had all the gear inside.

Definitely looking forward to hooking into the game, but the selling point for this was the diorama, and it’s incomplete. Colour me unimpressed.

Anyway, got on to EBGames Australia and they are trying to find a replacement one for me. Here’s to hoping they will find one.

That does suck. Good luck on getting a corrected replacement.

Well good news. EBGames have secured a replacement for me, so hopefully that one will be complete. :slight_smile:

I hope no-one else comes across missing gear in their Legendary Editions.

See ya’s on the battle field.

Im having the same issue, accept my game stop told me to call xbox support… no one speaks proper english until 5pm apparently, and even then they cant promise me a replacement, someone please help!

should i contact bungie directly?

im in the same position i called eb and they told me to call microsoft… im going in today and talk to them if it dosent get replace then im just going to return it

sorry for the double post couldn’t find the edit button (if there is one =p).
so i went into eb and they said they’ll look for a replacement and contact me once they find one.
hope they do :slight_smile:

I have the same Issue except I purchased it at a Future shop not sure what too kinda pissed that we couldnt get it till 12:30 because their computers were down now this…

errmmm I too, seem to have this issue…

just got home with my copy, super stoked to put together the statuette, and now I find that my guys are missing their hands… :confused:

Also, looking at the “viewed” number on this thread, it seems like a fairly “popular” subject, for as few replies are on it. perhaps this is a bigger problem than they may at first have thought. so an official reply would be super…