Legendary Edition Content


So I bought the Limited Edition of Reach thinking the only difference between that and Legendary was the huge case and the awesome statue, like Halo 3. One thing I was really was looking forward to the documentary-type stuff that I saw in the Limited Edition of H3. I’m a sucker for stuff like that.

Unfortunately you just get the game and that journal (which is cool on it’s own, but not the same ya know?).

Anyone know if there’s a way to watch that stuff without buying the Legendary edition? Don’t really feel like spending another 150 to watch that stuff. Kinda getting nerd-bummed about it (opposite of nerg-rage?).

Thanks for your time. =D

watch what stuff?!?

Well…I heard from someone on the b.net forum that the same “behind the scenes” documentary-type stuff found in the Limited edition of Halo 3 is found in the Legendary edition of Reach. I suppose I’m trying to verify that information too, as well as find out if there’s a way to watch that stuff elsewhere.

I think knowing that the cool stuff was on the Legendary edition would be that last nail in the coffin for me to buy it. Maybe not coffin.

The video is unlocked with a code and is then available on the console version of Halo Waypoint for viewing. :slight_smile:

I watched it. I thought it was going to be better than it was, though it was still entertaining. I was expecting a FilmOasis production type deal similar to the Halo 3 Legendary edition bonus disc. Though like I said, still entertaining and fairly intereting at times. Though I do believe it would have been FAR better if it was a look at how the game development process went, instead of the four gents sitting around joking and sharing some info while the campaign played through in front of your eyes.