Legendary Completion Glitch

It took me my entire weekend to complete the campaign on legendary solo, and I was extremely disappointed to see that I never got the Mark VI armor for my character. I have all the achievements related to completing the campaign legendary solo, yet it shows nothing on my xbox live’s customizable spartan for halo 4. Does anyone else have this problem? I pre-ordered and did everything to prepare for this game because I love the halo franchise, but this actually makes me anger in a way, like my hard work meant nothing…

Hey dude i had the same problem, i know why i havnt got mine though, its because i did some missions offline, so i didnt get the commendations for completing the missions on legendary. so that might be why?

I lost connection during mission 5 and must replay it over again to gain credit for the mission.
Unfortunately I believe it is an online-attached thing as to prevent digital cheating of the system with offline security bypassing.
It sucks on the one hand, on the other I did it once, I’ll do it much more efficient the 2nd go and I love the campaign.
Disappointing, yes. End of the world, no.

I did not get my achievement for completing Legendary co-op. I am not a happy camper. I would not mind if it wasn’t so time consuming and you schedule time to do this.

Is this happening for anyone else?

Exact same issue here…all the Achievements, nothing showing on Waypoint for me beating it in my service record and no armor unlocks.