Legendary Commendations Bug! In-game Admin!

So, I recently beat Halo 4 on legendary Solo, I got all of the Microsoft achievements but because my xbox live disconnected during gameplay I didn’t get any of the commendations or the armor. You can check my Gamerscore achievements for proof that I’ve completed the game on legendary. Please fix this so that I can get all of the commendations that I should have, this is also not only a problem for me but a problem for many many people I have a link from the Halo 4 community website where plenty of people are having the same problems that I am.

Please address this soon and if we can get an in-game administrator in here to fix this it would be more that appreciated.

Thanks and best of luck.

here is the link that i speak of above


Some missions I completed on legendary offline, don’t show up online, so in order
to complete the challenge or get the master cheif armour I will have to re-do it online mode! gaaaayyy!!

Or you know… you can just replay those missions. Everyone else who had this happen has had to replay them, so what makes you so special?

I’ve seen numerous admin responses about this topic saying they’re working on fixing this problem, if you want to go through and play those missions again on legendary then be my guest but I already beat the game on legendary with proof I shouldn’t be required to do something all over again that I’ve already done.

Ntm I don’t have like two missions to complete i have 4 missions that id have to complete and it’s the last four which are arguably the hardest and longest.

Also in response to your “what makes you so special”, that’s the kind of ignorance that needs fixed man, your right nothing makes me special compared to everyone else that has had this problem, but besides that it’s still an issue, and why should I be required to grind for another 4 hours just to get those commendations because 343i wasn’t smart enough to make them unlockable offline. No offense to 343i there but it’s true. Either way if not for me fix it for everyother person having the same exact issue as me, I want it resolved for everyone because I can only imagine how pissed some people must be that they have to replay multiple missions on legendary difficulty, the game was fun but not fun enough for me to grind that hardcore twice.

I asked what makes you so special for a reason. I wasn’t trying to be rude, so I apologize if I came off like that. Why would they give you the commendation when they haven’t done it for anyone else? You can either spend four hours “grinding” through those levels or wait for an update that may never come.

I have no doubt that they will fix this for future players, but I highly doubt that they’re going to give anyone the commendation.

No I agree, however, i’m banking on an update. Refuse to get gold until I get my armor. I don’t even care about the commendations, but I want some fruit for my labor.

Exactly what I plan on doing I guess, bank for an update and hope all is well. Otherwise -Yoink- it, no way your getting me to run through 4 missions on legendary again anytime soon.