Legendary co-op 2-4 players

Anyone up for legendary co-op I still need to get this achievement, but never had the chance to.


I’m game when r u playing

I’m interested but what time and do you need us to use mics?

I sat on my mic this afternoon I have to get a new one lol ready when u r I have done this a couple of times

Uh what about OP? o.O

Invite when you r ready

I’ll be on tonight if anyone needs 1 more for coop or even matchmaking partner/teammate. Got mic. Gt: Sedgefield.

im ready to play whenever, just send a message to my gamertag via xbox live.

mics are optional

Add me : Satomic

Anyone on right now. I will playing all night, just need at least 1 to start. I am starting on reclaimer in a few. Legendary

Any of you guys can add me. I’m down for legendary runs every once in a while.